Why this blog?

I like to share about tech, work, and work-life.

Who am I and where am I from?

I joined Pure Storage in September 2022. As an FSA, I am focused on Multi-Cloud Platform Solutions. This includes VMware, Citrix, Hyper-V, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

I have over 20 years of experience in the datacenter industry. I spent the last 10 years at VMware, where I worked in field SE and SA roles and also in technical marketing. I’ve worked with lots of marquee Customers in healthcare, financial services, high-tech, and SLED. I also have extensive desktop and application virtualization experience.

I am very active active in the virtualization community as a 5-time vExpert and the leader of the Portland VMware User Group.  I am passionate about helping Customers and Partners with platform integration scenarios and use cases that help drive both business and technical value.

I LOVE to deliver technical and technical-business presentations and I speak at lots of tech events each year (large and small). I also try and build up my local community by hosting monthly tech happy hours (been doing it since 2013) in my local area.

Outside of work…

I am a graduate of the US Coast Guard Academy and former ship driver. I reside in Oregon with my family. I enjoy LOTS of hobbies outside of work: running, motorcycles, cooking, van-building, R/C aircraft, and the latest fun VR games.

I’m not a talented blogger or writer, so this is pushing my boundaries quite a bit. Thanks for your patience as I learn to get better at this.