Wiring up the weather station…

In the last post, I went through all of the major components that make up my WX station design. I”ve gone forward with my design, having acquired all of the components. I’m now starting on the “fun phase” of construction.

I was pleased to find most of the gear available on Amazon. Amazon is handy b/c of their customer reviews and their excellent return policy. I prefer to shop at local shops, but sometimes it can make things more complicated and expensive.

The basic build is pretty simple. The key is to jam a lot of gear into a small weather-proof form factor while maintaining access for maintenance and tinkering as I get things up and running.

Here is the initial wiring diagram:

I’m not sure what gauge wires to do for the power distribution. I’ll have to decide on that based on some internet sleuthing. Also, I want to make sure wires are well insulated and don’t get pinched in the door.

In the next post I will post an update on the build progress and possibly some initial test results.