Winter RC Projects

Work has been crazy busy and I’ve not had enough time to build and fly. I’m working to change that over the coming months with some fun projects.

Project 1 – Custom Cinewhoop Build

I’m building a ShenDrones Squirt V2 so that I can film nice cinematic videos when I travel. I’m going to haul either my Runcam 3 cube or a GoPro Hero 7. Goal is for a smooth stable flying craft that I can fly in tight quarters.

Project 2 – 2020 Hotliner

I’m building up a Reichard Modelsport Scorpion to replace my HK reverb that I crashed last summer. Hoping for about 120 mph airspeed and I’ll be re-using some parts that I’ve had laying around.

Project 3 – iNav Long Range Wing

I’m building a Zeta FX-61 wing and outfitting it with an iNav flight controller and GPS. My goal is to do some semi-autonomous long range flights and eventually upgrading to a TBS Crossfire setup. I’d like to be able to do some long flights on the Oregon coast and capture some HD footage. Also, I’ve got a long range point to point flight that I’ve been wanting to do.

Project 4 – Kidbuild GT-200 Quad

Kid has had all of the parts for a sweet GT-200 6″ build. Just need to finish the final stack assembly and we’ll then be ready to maiden.

Project 5 – Edge 540 Rebuild

My piece of junk, old Edge 540 needs a rebuild. I’ve got a newer one, but the old one just needs an undercarriage rebuild and a few tweaks here and there. I’m going to redesign the undercarriage and use lots of carbon fiber.

Project 6 – Arduino Weather Station

I’m putting together an arduino weather station that I can run at my house. My Acurite weather station is a little twitchy and I’d like to have something a bit more customized.

Project 7 – Quad Tuning

I’ve got 3 or 4 racing quads that need some TLC and some tuning. Also I’ve got a nice little 3″ quad that needs some test flights.

Project 8 – Fly-a-Ways Weather Station

Finally, I need to replace the solar controller out at the flying field with a nice high-end unit that should give us good solar performance for the rest of the fall and winter.