Weather Station Update

The weather station is being deployed this weekend. This weekend, a few mates and I are fabricating a steel frame and equipment mast for the camera and the weather sensors. Then we’ll spawn a new Wunderground PWS and we’ll be LIVE!

So a few issues popped up recently:

The amount of data consumed via cellular was much higher than originally forecast:

I lowered the photo resolution and changed to a 5-minute weather data sync rate and things calmed down. I think we’ll be able to stay under the $15 for 1GB of Verizon data per month.

Early this week the station shut down unexpectedly. Battery was drawn down to 6 volts. I dismantled the station, checked all the components, and charged the battery up. Things have returned to normal operation. I have no idea what happened. Fingers crossed this doesn’t happen too often.

I left the station completely exposed to weather these last few weeks. We’ve had some seriously crappy weather in Oregon. Last week when I popped the station open, there was a pretty good amount of moisture in the equipment enclosure. The desiccants are not keeping up. So…we’ll make sure to mount the enclosure under the solar panel, out of driving rain. AND – we’ll air out the station on a regular basis to keep things dry. Again, fingers crossed!

Looking forward to go-live this weekend! Footage and WX info from the field is going to be so awesome!