Weather Station – a day in a life

Yesterday (4/12/17) was mostly a pretty typical Spring Oregon day. Some broken clouds in the morning and then some nasty little rain squalls in the afternoon. We got about a half an inch of rain in the afternoon and the skies were pretty dark from about 11am to sunset.

I metered the battery status of the weather station for the day and was pretty happy with the performance of the solar rig. I’m increasingly confident that this design will survive all but the shortest/darkest Oregon winter days. Here is a graph that shows hourly recordings of the battery status. 

You can see that we are on-charge from late afternoon onwards. The 20 Ah of capacity seems like it is able to keep the station online at night and then the battery is completely charged by 10am or so. Only concern at this point is what the station webcam (which I haven’t obtained yet) will do to the overall consumption.

UPDATE ON ROUTER: The meteobridge is based on OpenWRT (open source router OS) and it seems that if I go into the “advanced” interface, I should be able to get WiFi working so that I can share out the 3G-based internet connection. This means that the station should support a Foscam IP-camera. Good news!

In the next post, I’ll focus on the 3G performance and the router configuration.