Topsky 2.0 Viper DLG

What’s not to like?

Even though this design is over 10 years old, it is a fantastic flyer. Carbon fiber/kevlar fuselage. Carbon reenforced wing. Lightweight foam tail feathers with carbon stiffeners. Generous equipment bay, room for micro servos, receiver, battery, ballast.

I put in a 1s lipo battery with a voltage converter but realized my frsky gear will run off of 3.7v, so to save some weight I’m just running directly off the lipo. Easily 2 hours of runtime (long enough for my shoulders to be sore).

This sucker is a good flyer. Super light wing loading, decent launches. A little too lightweight to penetrate in any winds over 5 kts.

I’m super stoked that my buddy Joe was getting rid of some of his DLG collection. I’m really enjoying DLGs!