Progress on the Wx Station

Well, lots of continued progress with testing the weather station.

I’ve added a weather camera (FOSCAM FI9900P) that will upload a high-res photo every 3 minutes to the Wunderground personal weather station (PWS) site. You can see the weather feed at either of the following two sites:


Wx Cam –

I’ve made a few changes to the weather station. Turns out the USB 3G modem is only supported on the more expensive MeteoBridge devices. Rather than add another $250 in HW, I have decided to use a recycled Verizon Mifi unit as a means of sharing WiFi at the station. Moving to WiFi will actually make the addition of the security cam a lot easier.

Battery life continues to be really good. Still seeing no concerns about battery drain during the evening hours. I’m about 5 days away from installing the station at its permanent location. This will require a few things:

  • permanent mast for the sensor pod (1″ galvanized pipe)
  • bolt equipment panel to permanent location
  • mount solar panel at the appropriate angle (21 deg in Summer, 59 deg in Winter)
  • add small padlock to equipment panel
  • complete documentation of the build and come up with some maintenance instructions