Damn you Hudson!

599852_10151130640247189_1185376536_nI used to have this amazing dog named Wookie. Not sure what kind of dog he was – some kind of shephard, border collie, greyhound mix. He was an amazing companion and friend. Slept about 20 hours a day, was always up for a run, loved frisbees and tennis balls, protected my family, great in cafes and foodcart pods. All in all a perfect dog for my lifestyle.

About a year ago we had to put Wookie down. He had suffered a spinal injury back in 2012 and though steroid treatments helped him regain some movement he was never really the same dog. Not as agile, not always in control of anything in his lower (rear) body. Finally he got to the point where he couldn’t walk and he appeared to be in pain. He had a pretty good run for a 11 year old dog. So…we put him down…it sucked!

About 3 weeks after we said goodbye we drove out to The Dalles, OR to the Home at Last Animal Rescue shelter. This little shelter is in the shadows of the Google datacenter and always attracts some interesting dogs. 579284_10152128025862189_322518009_nWe came across this dude’s picture and decided we needed to meet. Psy (short for Psycho, we found out later) was described as a young hound mix who was good with kids, full of energy, but possessing a big heart.

Hudson! This damn dog! The things we’ve learned! The progress we’ve made!

hudson-aliensNamed after the Colonial Marine character Hudson in the Aliens film, this dog is big, he’s tough, but he’s also a really dorky jokester. He is terrible in daycare (kicked out after 6 months due to being too aggressive with timid dogs) but he is starting to become a good citizen at home (his record is 6.5 hours alone with his sister Ava).

Hudson has a few issues:

  • He grows larger with every hug (presently at a little over 90 lbs)
  • He LOVES to greet you by licking you upside the head
  • From a sitting position he can easily clear a 6′ fence
  • He loves to beg for food
  • He sleeps inverted
  • He eats a lot…and craps a lot

995558_10152141942307189_368815487_nOverall he is a pretty amazing dog. He is big, not Great Dane big, but still pretty damned big. Never thought I could enjoy having a dog this big. After about a year with us, I think we can say that he’s one of us. So, Happy 1-year Anniversary Hudson (in case you ever learn to read english…and use a computer)!