It’s home!

My buddies Bob and Dave built a fantastic mast and panel frame over the last two weekends. This weekend we got the station permanently installed out at our club field.

There is a link to the station weather and camera feed on the right side of this page.

Some factoids on the mast and frame:

  • constructed of structural steel, tig-welded
  • panel mounted at 40 degree angle to the horizon
  • panel is bolted to shelter with 1.5″ standoffs
  • mast has a built-in pivot to make maintenance easier to do. It only takes 2 people to tilt the mast down

Final materials list:

Item Cost Source
AcuRite 5 in 1 weather station $150.00
TP-Link Wireless Router $38
Verizon MiFi 4510L $35.00 ebay
100W Solar Kit $145.00
12v usb converter $10.00
12v to 5v step-down converter $8.00
12v AGM battery (7.2 x 3 x 6.6 inches) – 12v, 20ah $38.00
Weatherproof Enclosure $73.00
Small weather-resistant padlock $15.00 orchard supply hardware
Misc mounting HW (structural steel, welding supplies) $150.00 various sources
Lithium Batteries x 4 $10.00 orchard supply hardware
Foscam FI9900P webcam (upload to Wunderground PWS) $150.00  
Hardware Cost $822.00  
Meteobridge License Key (open source donation) $71.38  
Project total one-time cost $893.38