I build my first weather station!

My RC flying club is located in beautiful North Plains, OR. It is a lovely field, set amongst cornfields on a beautiful farm. It really is a lovely place to fly.

There are a couple of problems with our field. One is that it is subject to some unusual weather patterns, particularly wind, that are not observed at nearby weather stations. Sometimes I like to check the weather before I load up my planes and head to the field. I often check the flight weather at nearby Hillsboro Airport, only to find out the wind is completely different at the field.

The other problem with our field is that it is set up on leased land and therefore it must be able to be completely taken down – no permanent structures are allowed. So – we got no power! Can’t charge batteries, can’t charge my phone, can’t plug in my laptop…

Our field really needed a weather station! And we need a completely stand-alone, off-the-grid, web-connected station. 

So, I did a whole bunch of google searching and found a couple of cool projects:

Here is a cool station design for a RC flying field:

Here is the weather data feed:

Here are three really cool flying field weather sites:

In looking at the above sites, I decided that a Wunderground PWS (personal weather site) is the way to go. And at least 2 of the above stations use off the shelf weather stations from AcuRite. 

So…in the next post, I will go through the dreaded “design criteria” for a station.