Building our first racing quad

New winter project! This is our first FPV quad build. My son and I fly trad R/C helis and planes and are just starting out with FPV quads. We’ve previously built a LOS-only flamewheel 450 that flew with APM. Fun – but we want to get a taste of the mini FPV scene.

This will be a slow build as we follow along with many excellent YT videos. We’ll pick up some FPV goggles in a few weeks. If you have any suggestions regarding our list of parts – please comment!

A few notes:

  • YES, we are probably the only people flying mini quads with deans connectors (all our other planes and helis have them, so there…)
  • Thank goodness for good youtube videos. The Taranis / Cleanflight setup was not without drama.
  • Our soldering went well but our wiring is pretty sloppy. Going to take some time to make things pretty.
  • Have not put on the capacitor to address the reported HubOSD video issues. Will do so if things get ugly.
  • Have not changed any of the OSD settings, we are currently running the defaults.
  • Managed to pick up parts for a tiny whoop (minus camera) so we can practice indoors. Too much fun!