“Alexa – can I go flying today?”

It’s not exactly as cool as the title, but I there is a basic way to integrate Alexa with the new Fly-a-Ways weather station (link at bottom right) that I’ve helped build.

STEP ONE: Add a new skill to Alexa
Go to this skill –
Make sure you are logged on with your Amazon account
Click the big “Add Skill” button

STEP TWO: Add Weather Station Key
Say “Alexa, Personal Weather”
Then say “Set Key 7d60cc96596877ed” – make sure to speak slowly and naturally
Alexa will then confirm that things are set up correctly.

STEP THREE: Add Weather Station ID
Say “Alexa, Personal Weather”
Then say “Set Station KORCORNE19”
To get this to to work, I had to use the phonetic alphabet as follows:
“Set Station Kilo Oscar Romeo Charlie Oscar Romeo November Echo One Nine”
Alexa will then confirm that your station is configured

READY: You can now enjoy talking weather!
Try the following:
“Alexa, personal weather” (wait until you are in personal weather) then say “help” for a full list of commands
“Alexa, ask personal weather what the current conditions are”
“Alexa, ask personal weather the winds”
“Alexa, ask personal weather the temperature”

I’m working on a couple of IFTTT ( integrations that will SMS message you or email you when certain weather conditions are observed at the field. Should be fun!