Planning for a Wx Station Redesign

I’ve made some major changes (improvements) to the weather station in the last 8 months, including:

  • Relocated battery to separate enclosure that allows for easier maintenance access.
  • Swapped out 3G Modem: we dropped the Verizon Mifi and are using a Sierra Networks military grade low-power 3G modem
  • Added a TP-Link 3020 wi-fi access point to handle our WiFi needs
  • Swapped out motorcycle battery for marine deep cycle AGM battery
  • Replaced the Foscam camera, previous camera failed for unknown reasons
  • Cleaned up wiring and terminations
  • Sealed everything with silicon sealant
  • Added some 3d printed cable management doodads

I’m now working a re-design of the station where we keep the best bits and replace the sketchy bits:

Weather Data Website: Wunderground (since being acquired by The Weather Channel) is just too buggy. Sometimes our feed drops off, sometimes their web services are down, just really frustrating.So, I’ve been checking out WeatherCloud (similar to Weather Underground) and I think it will be a better solution for hosting and processing the weather data on internet. Here’s a weather station near FlyAways:   

Station Hardware: As for the station hardware, I’m considering some other options for the networking component. I’ve never been happy having to have a full AcuRite display just to process the data and then hand it off to the network. It’s a clunky, power-thirsty solution. Furthermore, you need to use the display to change settings and that means I can’t eliminate the bulky, inefficient display.
I’m going to start building the following for my house:   This is a much smaller, lower power solution. And it is a great excuse for me to do some Arduino programming. The benefits here are LOWER power consumption and simplistic solution. And we’ll be leveraging very low-cost gear.
Networking Equipment: No changes here, the network has been pretty solid and I’m pleased with the automatic reset nature of the modem and access point.
Video Equipment: FosCam is good, just not as reliable as I’d hoped. I hope we survey the winter!
I’ll start a series of blog posts when I get all the components of the rebuild.