Learning to fly handlaunch gliders

My buddy Joe had a bunch of perfectly good, gently used handlaunch planes that he was looking to sell. For not a lot of $$$ I picked up a receiver-ready beater (below) and a couple of unfinished planes. 

This past weekend, Z and I got out to the field and did some flying. Super fun to learn to launch effectively and then maximize flight time. Z’s a natural, showing some real natural talent for smooth flying. I managed to catch a bit of lift and maintain altitude, not really gaining any altitude.

We’re starting with a very basic transmitter setup, but some of the config’s we found were horribly complicated. They included numerous flight modes and many, many switches programmed. I think we’ll start simple and slowly increase the complexity of our radio configs.

Here’s a pretty good primer on HLG/DLG –

In Portland, the PASS (portland area sailplane society) holds HLG events almost every weekend. We may have to muster up the courage to go out and make some new friends.

This is a fun activity, definitely going to enjoy this on hot summer days!