Building a kid plane

I’m building a new plane for my kid. He has been flying 5″ racing quad’s and has flown a bixler a few times, but I wanted to provide him with something very durable and yet fun to fly in a variety of conditions and flying styles. The Bixler1 is just too slow and too hard to keep in trim. And, in the kids words, “kinda boring”.

I’ve been wanting to build a 3D profile plane for some time and I found a good deal at my local hobby shop (Tammie’s Hobbies). The Twisted Hobbies Veloxity looks like a super fun plane. Videos on YouTube of other TH planes really highlights how durable these planes can be. They can be flown very slow and are a good platform for learning aerobatics. The guys at my flying field that have them always seem to be having a ton of fun.

Build spec’s below:

  • Airframe: Twisted Hobbies Veloxity 43″
  • Motor: Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 2836-1040KV
  • Servos (4): Hextronik MG-14 23T 14G digital servo
  • Receiver: FrSky S6R (onboard 3-axis gyro)
  • ESC: Hobby King 50A Linear SBEC
  • Prop: 12 x 6 carbon slow fly

THE BUILD: Building with EPP foam and welder’s glue is kind of interesting. The glue dries a bit flexible and seems to really pull the foam together. Thus far the fit and finish on this kit is pretty impressive. Foam and carbon pieces are precisely cut and line up cleanly.

RUH ROH: The build guide is very detailed, but I managed to glue the wings on upside down. Since the carbon stringers were inserted when I noticed this, we’ll have to live with this. The design employs an asymmetric profile, so the only annoying thing will be the graphics and the fact that the aileron hinges are upside down. I imagine that the aileron horn installation is going to take some creativity.

GRAPHICS: Given the above mentioned mistake, I may slap some paint on this plan to cover things up.

THE GYRO: The receiver with built-in gyro is pretty cool. Should make for very clean wiring. Initially, we’ll set the gyro up on a 3-way switch with leveling, hold, and off. I will probably set up one of the Taranis’ pot dials to adjust gyro rates. Later we’ll take advantage of the knife-edge and hover capabilities. 

SOME IDEAS: I’m building this sucker super light. I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to add FPV to this plane using a micro sized 200mW video transmitter taken from a tiny whoop. This should be super fun to fly with!